Metropolis 553

This week’s issue of city guide METROPOLIS has quite a few interesting articles in it, which I’ll rundown in one post instead of multiple entries. After a week, look in their sidebar archives for issue 553. The cover feature is a short story — “Watercolors,” taken from his DARK WATER collection — by RINGU author […]

Late-Night TV Anime on the Rise

A DAILY YOMIURI article takes a look at the growing popularity (and expanding number) of late-night TV animated shows. The number of such shows in late-night slots increased to 17 this season from 10 last autumn. Many of these shows are produced with viewers in their 20s and 30s in mind as producers hope to […]

Paper Sky 11

Just picked up the new issue of PAPER SKY (11), featuring a cover story on Shanghai. The city really seems to be getting a lot of coverage of late, like TIME’s recent cover story proclaiming it to be the new “it” city in Asia. It’s definitely up there as one of the cities I want […]

Approved Comments

After months with next to no comment spam with the WordPress version of the site, I’ve now started getting a few every day, and it’s gotten to a point where I’m going to have to use some of the moderation features of WP. As of now, I’ve set it so that comments that have 2 […]

Creativity Now Tokyo

I picked up a flyer for the “Creativity Now Tokyo” event, organized by TOKION magazine, and it does seem like something quite cool. From REALTOKYO: Tokion magazine presents a Harajuku-style “conference” event at Laforet Museum. A brief look at the official Website shows a mixed lineup of speakers including Uchida Yuya, Fujiwara Hiroshi, Kurosawa Kiyoshi, […]

Mystery Omotesando Building

Can anyone tell me what the building that is featured in this moblog picture is going to be (I’m assuming a brand store). It’s on Omotesando, still under construction, just a bit further up from the Dior store. I got the question from a reader, and it also got me curious. Update: It’s the Ito […]