TAB Is My Guide

I am so thankful for the launch of Tokyo Art Beat. I’m using it pretty much exclusively to plan the things I want to check out during Designer’s Week, Designers Block, and Swedish Style. Here are some notes I took this morning (and everything listed here is free, except the “Container Ground” in Odaiba that has an entrance fee of 500 yen).

Designers Block:

  • Various exhibitions at Cibone Aoyama, including “Swedese” for Swedish Style (until 11)
  • “Real Produce” at 246 Cafe & Book (until 11)
  • TDB related exhibitions at SuperDeluxe (until 11)
  • Even Office is joining in, with works by Eva Schildt (until 11)
  • Idee Shop (until 11)

Designer’s Week:

  • “Container Ground” in Odaiba (until 11)
  • “Street Furniture,” around Shinjuku Park Tower (until 11)

Swedish Style:

  • “Pyra” at SF Hanaemori Bldg. (until 16)
  • “Swedish Style Central Station” at the Swedish Embassy (until 16)
  • “Express Sweden 2004” at the Swedish Embassy (until 16)
  • T-shirt exhibition at the Hotel Claska (until 10)
  • “Syjuntan” at TomorrowLand Hiroo Office (until 11)
  • “Use and Misuse” at Imoaraizaka Bldg. in Roppongi (until 11)
  • SJ (Swedish Railways) exhibition at the Parco Delfonics Gallery (until 16)
  • “My Swedish Experience” by Mia Deng at Gallery Closet (until 16)
  • Teresa & David at Beratta om Dig (until 15)

For more info on all these events (descriptions, open hours, maps) just head to Tokyo Art Beat. I got all of these listing from the “Just Started” section. TAB, I truly love you.


Update: I forgot to mention that many Designers Block related events are happening at the UN University.