Short Shorts Film Festival Asia 2004


Held since 1999, “Short Shorts” is the only showcase event in Japan dedicated to short movies, and now finally a section focusing on Asian works is being launched. Even for this first installment there was a flood of entries from throughout Asia, and from the total of 412 submissions 51 titles were selected to be shown at this festival. Highlights include films by star directors such as Hong Kong’s Andy Lau or Korean Yoo Ji-Tae, as well as a work by a female director who is rumored to be Korean top star actor Bae Yong Joon aka Yong-sama’s girlfriend. I’ve already bought tickets for all programs myself, and if you’re as entusiastic about Asian movies as I am, I recommend you to miss not a single title shown here, as there will certainly be numerous Asian film stars of the future for whom this evet serves as a gateway.

The event takes place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography October 29-31. They have an English version of the official site (with the schedule).