PS2 Ad

An ad from Sony in the latest issue of TOKYO WALKER (a bi-weekly city guide) advertising the big PS2 releases this holiday season. Pictured (clockwise from bottom left) are RACHET & CLANK 3, DRAGON QUEST VIII, GRAN TURISMO 4, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER, TALES OF REBIRTH, and KESSEN III. It’s interesting to note […]

The Product Design Database

I saw the Product Design Database making the link rounds a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been emailed so many times about it that I figure I should post something here. Yeah, it’s cool, it takes a look at classic Japanese product designs, and is conveniently listed by manufacturer (although a timeline would also […]

Psionic Distortion Wrap Up

Kiiiiiii will participate in the PSIONIC DISTORTION wrap up event happening tomorrow night (November 30) at SuperDeluxe. DJs will include Minoru,, Ito Keiji, and Namaiki. Kiiiiiii’s involvement is to contribute two animated shorts to a special video screening. It starts at 7 (until late), and costs 2000 yen (includes 1 drink).

New at Muji

This afternoon I was at Muji Yurakucho, and saw that they’ve finally setup their Muji+Infill house display (pictured above left). From what I can tell, it’s actually for sale, and I so want one. How sweet it would be to have a bit of land on the outskirts of the city (somewhere like Kamakura or […]

Scanning is Fun

I ended up picking up a printer/scanner (the HP PSC 1315) while I was at the Apple Store. This means that I’ll finally be able to scan things from magazines, or flyers and the like, to post here. Should make for some nice posts, as I often find stuff that I’d like to show off, […]

No November GGG for Me

Damn. I’m in Ginza right now (writing this at the Apple Store), and wasn’t able to see this month‘s GGG exhibition, missing it by two days. I got there and could see them working on next month’s show, ANOTHER SIDE OF AYAO YAMANA, 1720s-70s, starting December 1. While I’m here, I think I’m finally going […]

Some Magazine Reading

Just got back from Junkudo, where I was leafing through some magazines. The latest CASA BRUTUS looks at Japanese design hotels. I don’t think there was one featured spot where I would mind spending a night. Oh, to lead the life of the jet-setter… The new issue of PEN has a cover story on beautiful […]