Three Digital Shorts


Lots of digital film action happening this upcoming weekend, along with the Resfest at the Laforet Museum.

This is the 2004 edition of Jeonju International Film Festival’s project producing short films of three selected Asian filmmakers. This year the three are Bong Joon-ho (“Memories of Murder” ), Yu Likwai (“Love Will Tear Us Apart”) and Ishii Sogo, who explore in their works the fine line between fiction/reality, each with his own conception of what is real. The rather dark “Influenza” portrays the downfall of a madman from the expressionless perspective of a security camera, while the silent, “shonen-ai” style SF piece “Dance with Me to The End of Love” overwhelms with beautifully surreal photography. Ishii Sogo contributes with the documentary style “Mirrored Mind” the most personal and touching work in the program. A nice occasion to see three films and explore three different approaches. (REALTOKYO)

It happens at the Uplink X in Shibuya from November 20. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be featuring any English subtitles.