Sound X Vision 2004 Opening Event

The Sound X Vision 2004 event, which I’ve often mentioned here, is about to make its way to Tokyo, to the Laforet Museum. Sounds like the opening day will be something special.

Following acclaimed shows in Osaka, Sendai and Yamaguchi, this is the Tokyo edition of the audio-visual spectacle that features a number of outstanding international artists including Rechenzentrum (photo) or Carsten Nicolai, and quite a few surprising combinations, such as Buffalo Daughter X Odani Motohiko and others. Having been held at such exquisite venues as YCAM or Mediatheque, it will be interesting to see how SOUND X VISION makes use of Laforet Museum’s exhibition space. What deserves a special mention is the “official live” event on the opening day (12/3), at which a handful of solo artists and such odd combinations as “Pardon Ukawa” (= Pardon Kimura X Ukawa Naohiro) can be experienced in live performances, video screenings, workshops and others.

The event happens December 3-12.