Getting a DS


I got a Nintendo DS today, that and the SAWARU! MADE IN WARIO game, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Oh yeah, it’s nice, and it’s as fun as I thought it would be. The only downer was that the first system I got suffered from a dead pixel on one of the screens — seems like I’m not the only one according to some internet reports — but I was able to change it right away for another one.

Just opening it up and getting the system screens is fun, and the whole feel is great. I don’t quite care for the physical design of the player, and it is a bit bulky, but the rest is great. And the game, oh man, it’s a total hoot. It’s been hard putting it down…

Also, while I was at the store to get the game, I noticed a Sony PSP in a display case, and I was quite taken by its size. For some reason, I was expecting something bulkier, but it’s very trim and looks quite nice. I have absolutely no regrets about getting the DS, but I could definitely see a PSP in my future (but no hurry).

Update: Seems like I was lucky. They’re all sold out today.