Craig Mod

Neon Sight Japan has an interview up with Chin Press Music’s Craig Mod. Looks like more will be added in the coming days, so be sure to check again. And if you haven’t already, buy yourself a copy of KUHAKU.

Samurai Champloo Is Back!

In case you missed it, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is back, and oh my, what a great return. The second season kicks off with a great episode that manages to allude to Harajuku (Ura-Edo), graffiti artists, and even manages a cameo by a certain Warholian lover of art… Seems like the show is turning more and more […]

Canon Powershot A95

I’ve been due for a new camera for what feels like ages now, and after a week or so of research, I settled on the Canon Powershot A95. It’s not the coolest digital camera out there, but it looks like the perfect combination of what I was looking for in a camera. I only got […]

Move on Asia

Damn, can’t believe I missed this. Ends tomorrow (Sunday), but I won’t be able to go. “Move on Asia” is coming to Japan! Originally held at Seoul, Korea in May 2004, “Move on Asia” is an Art Festival covering animation and single-channel video art. Works by 45 artists from 11 countries will be on display, […]

Paper Katamari

If you haven’t tried the PS2 game KATAMARI DAMACY yet, well, what are you waiting for? It’s fun as hell, addicting (believe me), and features a killer soundtrack. The following site has a pattern that you can print out to then build the main character of the game. Sure, doing so probably puts you in […]