Project the Projectors 04-05

Some Tokyo Geidai sponsored events of interest.

Did you know that the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music has a department of Inter Media Art? Professors include Fujihata Masaki (who featured in the latest issue of ART iT magazine), however this apparently doesn’t mean that “cutting-edge art” — the department’s Japanese name — is synonymous with “media art”. Anyway, instead of trying to explain the confusing names and titles, let’s focus on the faculty’s and graduate school’s two exhibitions that are open to the public right now (at two different venues and times!). While it’s typical for the faculty that they try to say it all in the title, you will certainly encounter here some unbridled young talent, including the likes of Komainu, Ishikawa Naoki and others. (REALTOKYO)

The venues are the Sakamoto Junior School (until January 27) and BankART 1929 Yokohama (January 22-30). Link to the official site.