Shibuya Cafes

355I picked up the current issue of weekly city magazine OZ because it takes a look at “Shibuya for Adults,” which translates into a look at some really nice cafes, bars, and restaurants in the area. I’ve now got a list of some nice cafes I’ll be checking out next time I’m there: Udagawa Cafe Suite, Spuma, Drole, Conceal.Cafe, Diego, Deux et Neuf Cafe, Tokyo Salonard Cafe: Dub, Daddy Dining Cafe, Phaidros Cafe, and Seat Mania — they also mention Jordi, which I’ve been to and quite like. So that should keep my cafe life busy for a while. Here’s hoping some of them offer free wireless internet! I’m currently trying to shame the Pause owner into offering it — they only offer access though BB Yahoo!