The Jpop Tour

Marxy’s look at Jpop records of note has got me doing something I haven’t done in ages: taking an extended look at the video music channels. When I tune into SkyPerfecTV, I quickly cycle through them to see if there’s anything interesting (there never is), and then usually end up going to BBC World or CNN. Here’s the lineup: Space Shower TV, MTV Japan, M-ON, VMC, and Music Japan.

There was something that wasn’t so bad, bud I didn’t catch the name of the band or the song title. Alterna-rock sounding, with the obligatory rap-ish bits mixed in. Then, a few quick hits of new singles, but not enough time to really see if there’s anything worth listening to. Oh, an old Okuda Tamio single. That’s good. Oh no, Hirai Ken, followed up by Utada Hikaru’s “Sakura” — this song seemed like a permanent soundtrack to TV for a while. Oh my god: now it’s the Mika half of the Kano Shimai with her Pink Lady dance moves and absurdly skimpy outfit, her huge boobs struggling to stay in. Now it’s time for a Chemistry wannabe duo. OK, maybe now’s not the best time to be tuning in. I’ll try again tonight.

To be continued…