Jenkins Biography

If you live in Japan, you definitely know who Charles Jenkins is, as he’s been a constant presence on the news in recent years because of the North Korean kidnapping situation. TIME’s Tokyo bureau chief and senior editor Jim Frederick will be working with Jenkins on a book of his life, which I’m sure will make for a very intriguing story.

Charles Jenkins, whose wife is former Japanese abductee to North Korea Hitomi Soga, has decided to publish an autobiography, sources close to him said Friday. The publisher, the date of publication and the amount of the contract have yet to be decided, the sources said.

Jenkins, 65, signed up with Time magazine’s Tokyo bureau chief Jim Frederick, who will write the book based on interviews with him. The book will cover Jenkins’ life at large, including his 1965 desertion to North Korea, events there, and his life in Japan since he came to his wife’s homeland last July. (Kyodo News)

Any info we can get on North Korea and what goes on there is always quite popular in this household. Me and Yuko would love to visit Pyongyang, but at 250 000 yen for tours, it’s not likely.