When Masters Were Young

English subs! English subs! English subs!

This is volume two of the “Masters of the Japanese Cinema” series, part one of which enjoyed great popularity especially among foreign fans of Japanese film in June 2004. Again offering an attractive set of movies shown with English subtitles, the program this time is made up of Ichikawa Kon’s “Alone Across the Pacific”, Imamura Shohei’s “The Insect Woman”, Oshima Nagisa’s “Sing a Song of Sex”, Shinoda Masahiro’s “The Dry Lake”, Suzuki Seijun’s “The Tokyo Wanderer”, Yamada Yoji’s “The Lovable Tramp” and Yoshida Kiju’s “Escape from Japan”. These films draw a lively picture of the fast changing Japan of the1960s, characterized by rapid economic growth and events like the Tokyo Olympics. At the same time they offer a chance to study masters of Japanese cinema in their early days. Don’t miss also the talk show with Yoshida Kiju! (REALTOKYO)

It happens at The Japan Foundation Forum, March 25-27. Check out the official site for full listings.