A Late Afternoon in Harajuku and Aoyama

After I wrote my last post at the Ginza Apple Store, I made my way to Muji Yurakucho only to find it so packed that I couldn’t have my usual snack and latte in the Meal Muji area (I didn’t want to wait in line). Also, the Atelier section was lame, only featuring new beds. Boring. Everytime I go it seems like they change a few things on the Muji+Infill home they have on display, modifying with a patio here, an open area there — things that you can do when placing your order. I still really want one.

In Harajuku, I went to the new KDDI Designing Studio, which I quite liked. I’ll write a post about it for Gizmodo, with some pics I took. I think it’s going to become a new regular stop for when I’m in the area.

I then headed up Omotesando, all the way to Spiral for the “Uniqlo Creative Award 2005” thing. It was actually a bit freaky seeing all those mannequins wearing tees — I had the constant impression that I was going to look up and see somebody’s face looking back at me. I picked up a tee, which was a steal at 1000 yen — you gotta love Uniqlo pricing.

Following a stop at the Aoyama Book Center to drool over some magazines — why is it that the magazines I want are all so damn expensive — I walked to Sign to have a look at Huschang Pourian’s “Aircon Minus 1” exhibition. I liked the way the images were displayed, in the way of Japanese/Chinese calligraphy. I’ll put up some pics soon.