An Afternoon in Ginza

After 2-3 weeks of being out of action because of my succession of health problems — I’m not completely out of the woods yet though, with allergies currently annoying the hell out of me — I’m finally able to go out for some city walking. First up, the GGG, where I just saw the excellent Katsunori Aoki exhibition. As expected, Kami-Robo-related stuff galore, with some of his Copet creations along for the ride. There’s a fun little Copet game that you can play, and if you get a nice score, you get a Copet paper toy (I got one). I then went to the Shiseido Gallery, but didn’t care much for the works of Laura Owens. I tried going to Creation Gallery G8 to see the “83rd Art Directors Club Annual Awards” exhibition, only to find it closed (take note: it’s always closed on weekends).

Matsuya’s Design Gallery has an exhibition on the chinaware of Masahiro Mori (until March 31). Simple elegance, which is an opinion shared by designer Naoto Fukasawa, who wrote a short appreciation for the show. The adjacent Design Collection shop has the new Moleskine Reporter Notebooks, which I now want.

Next up: a visit to Muji Yurakucho, and then I’ll probably head out to Harajuku/Aoyama to finally have a look at the KDDI Designing Studio.

Soundtrack for the day: Started out with Arling & Cameron’s WE ARE A & C, and now it’s Sebadoh’s III.