Tetsuson 2005


Get a peak at the next generation of designers at “Tetsuson 2005.”

The idea behind this event is to produce a giant graduation exhibition by gathering final works by a total of 175 students from 29 art universities and design schools across Japan gather their graduation works. Participation is voluntary, which necessarily makes the event a show of particularly high-spirited and passionate efforts. The exhibition also gives students the opportunity to train their competitiveness by introducing their works in presentations. Pay a visit and feel like a judge who picks a grand prize, a curator who commissions works, or even try to convince the artist you like best to hire you as a manager. Without a doubt the venue will burst with enthusiasm, so it will be an occasion to experience artists’ energy first-hand. (REALTOKYO)

It happens at BankART 1929 Yokohama until March 22.