PSP Love

After my bittersweet introduction to the PSP earlier this week, I have to let you know: I’m in absolute love with my PSP! This is one hell of a nice piece of hardware, and I just can’t get enough of it. I’m now playing RIDGE RACERS, which I think I’m enjoying even more than WIPEOUT PURE (some nice Jazztronik-type tracks on there). Contrary to my habit of using portable game systems only when on the go, I’m finding myself crashed on the sofa for hours playing games with it while at home (even watching videos at night while Yuko is asleep).

As for video, I’m now using ffmpegX to do the converting, which I find does a much better job than PSPWare (although I still use that to sync up the files). The files end up smaller, looking better, and it will convert anything — PSPWare had some trouble with a few anime shows I tried feeding it. It’s a hell of a nice program.

Again, I still think Sony has dropped the ball on the “dead pixel” issue, but if you can get your hands on a non-defective one, you will probably be a very happy gamer.