Dorkbot Tokyo

Not really sure what this is all about, but it sounds like fun — damn my teaching schedule that prevents me from going.

Dorkbot is probably what I felt most sorry about missing when visiting Berlin last February, as due to my busy schedule checking out lots of other events I arrived when the show had just closed. However, “Dorkbot”, a community of “people doing strange things with electricity” is holding presentations/concerts with all kinds of weird electronic devices and instruments in twenty-plus cities around the world. This time they’re landing for the first time in Tokyo, joined by media artists Ito Atsuhiro, Fujihata Masaki and Exonemo, as well as staff of a certain (again, pretty weird) radio magazine. (REALTOKYO)

Dorkbot Tokyo happens at SuperDeluxe tomorrow night (Thursday) at 19:00, with free admission (but drink order required).