Medicom Toy Exhibition

I’m a sucker for Bearbrick/Kubrick toys. Don’t think I’ll have time to check out this Medicom thing, but I have to say that charging 300 yen doesn’t sound right. Medicom Toy, makers of BE@RBRICK and KUBRICK and promoters of the idea that toys are art, will be showing their BABEKUB CITY lineup, made in collaboration […]

Getting to Know NK

Oh, I would so love to attend this — damn my schedule! Although North Korea is geographically close to Japan it’s a far country full of mysteries. How does a girl get into the “Group for Pleasure”, and who is it that came up with Mr. Kim’s funky hairstyle? And what about his rumored relationship […]

Just Gimme Indie Rock!

I just took a huge night walk to cool myself down, and cause I just felt like moving, and ended up in the whereabouts of Otsuka (or maybe further, not sure). To keep me going, I was listening to one of my new favorite finds on my iPod, the CBC Radio 3’s recently launched podcast […]

This Week in Magazines

The latest issue of BRUTUS (573) has a cover feature on ceramic containers/bowls, and the people that love them (and collect them — you should see some of the insane collections that are pictured in the article, often taking over entire homes). PEN (155) dedicates its new issue to design in Brazil. It’s an attractive […]

Writers of the Moment

A call-out to all my great readers: Who would you say is the “it” Japanese writer of the moment? I’m trying to find out who would be an interesting writer to profile. You can email me, or leave a comment.