And I Was Thinking Nipples

Question of the week (as posed by Momus): “Is it okay to be a nipposexual?”

It’s a bit of a response to a recent post and thread over at Yuki’s site, which you’ll find here. My take? Well, nevermind the fact that my wife is Japanese (and that we met in China), I must admit to being quite attracted to the features of Japanese (and to a certain extent, Asian) girls. Although I’ve always been attracted to brunettes in general, I think my, ahem, “appreciation” of the Japanese girl esthetic (if I can call it that) has mostly developed since I’ve lived here (I first came in 1998, and have been here since, except for a one-year hiatus in 2000-2001), and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Who is to say who or what I should or should not be attracted to? If I was single, it’s not to say that I would be limiting myself to dating Japanese girls, but on a physical/sexual level, yeah, that’s where my eyes would first focus on — and the fact that 99% of the girls around me are Japanese would obviously have a bit of an influence on my available dating pool.

Update: Momus updates with a follow-up post.