Open Nature

More on the ICC “Open Nature” show:

This exhibition takes place at ICC, under the curation of Shikata Yukiko. But what seems like a rather straight project at first turned out to be slightly different, kind of softish in a way. That’s not only because the theme is nature. Robert Smithson’s “Spiral Jetty” (1970) for example, a series of pictures showing spiral-shaped objects placed in natural surroundings, is displayed next to Takamine Tadasu’s 2004 work “To the Sea”, for which he photographed the face of his wife right before giving birth. In works like these the “media” are pushed to the background in order to make way for the sense of excitement each subject conveys to reach the viewer direct and unbiased. Consider this event, in which also the likes of Carsten Nicolai participate, a statement of how far the sensibility of showing/viewing video art and media art has evolved. (REALTOKYO)

More info here. The show, which started at the end of April, ends July 3.