Design/Books/Cafe. Three things that just seem to go hand-in-hand, and the ongoing “German Year” event offers up something for lovers of all 3:

One of the central themes of the “German year” is design. While to those familiar with German design the current “DesignLab” series is recommended as a source of inspiration and advanced information, the beginner might want to check out books and magazines first to get an idea of what German designers of various subgenres such as fashion, product or graphic design have to offer. For about three months the Hillside Cafe turns into a design book cafe, where visitors are able to browse through a number of publications selected by experts from the Frankfurt Book Fair’s organizing commttee.To everybody interested in Germ! an design we suggest to drop by and have a beer while learning about design in Germany from the best books on the topic. (REALTOKYO)

It happens at the Hillside Cafe in Daikanyama until October 23.