Lounge Designers Killer

756I sort of have a love-hate thing going with the band Capsule. In a way, it feels like just a retread of what I was listening to back in the nineties (the club pop stuff), but at the same time, it’s fun and catchy, and plays well on your iPod in the Summer when you’re walking around. I listened to their most recent album (S.F. SOUND FURNITURE) a lot, and now I see that Patrick’s Agenda lists a new album, L.D.K. LOUNGE DESIGNERS KILLER, as coming out in September. I’m actually looking forward to hearing it.

As for what I’m mostly listening to of late, apart from Shugo Tokumaru’s terrific L.S.T., I’ve been enjoying the up-tempo beats of Escalator RecordsCICLISMO 2 compilation, as well as Aiha Higurashi’s PLATONIC.