Toy Saves Children


Combining toys and design for charity, “Toy Saves Children” sounds like just the kind of project that would interest readers of this site.

One day when Tei Ryosuke, a creative director at FURI FURI Company, shouted “We gotta save children!”, this project came into the world. When they faced to the serious issue that how they can contribute to the society as a design, they reached the conclusion of “TOYS”. A single person cannot do much, but when everyone get together, we can be something! “TOY SAVES CHILDREN” finally started here with many artists from all over the world who contributed their talents just for children!

As the very first exhibition of “TOY SAVES CHILDREN”, their “Mummy the Rabbit” dolls were Rebirthed! Each original “Mummy the Rabbit” dolls will arrive in HARAJYUKU LAPNET CLUB and Cafe. Total 28 artists from variety of backgrounds; character designing, illutration, graphics, make-ups, fashion, and accesories etc. Got together here! Don’t miss it!

The first part that took place at Lapnet Ship is now over, but you can still catch the “Rebirthed Mummy the Rabbit” exhibition at Comme Ca Commune in Shibuya until August 21. All of the exhibits can be purchased through Yahoo! Japan Auction, with the proceeds going to Unicef Japan. See the official site for more info.