This Week in Magazines

  • The new issue of PEN (157) is great (which is starting to be a regular thing), featuring “creative workspaces.” Some of the places where I’d love to work in Tokyo: Neo Cortex, Tokujin Yoshioka Design, Mizuno Pharmacies, and Beacon Communications. I wonder if they’re hiring…
  • There’s a special issue of WWD called GIRLS, featuring, well, girls! Every page has a profile and portrait of a cute-sexy girl working in some sort of media-related field. I won’t lie to you — I quite enjoyed flipping through it.
  • MADAME FIGARO JAPON (or I guess the official name is just FIGARO JAPON, which is the Japanese version of the French magazine MADAME FIGARO) has a great mook out under the banner MADAME FIGARO JAPON VOYAGE. It’s the Summer Holiday issue, and the entire issue is devoted to Shanghai (“I Love Shanghai”). I loved what I saw while flipping through it, and will definitely be picking it up.
  • The latest BRUTUS (574), like this month’s CASA BRUTUS, is all about travel, with the focus here on certain places to visit, with mini-guides. I’ve also noticed a bit of a layout and presentation change, and it’s not bad.
  • Finally, as mentioned the other day, there’s a new issue of ART iT (Summer/Fall 2005) out. The bad news is that it looks like they’ve gone down from 4 to 2 issues a year now.