Waseda Cafes

When I went to the cafe Les Jeux Grenier with Yuki the other day, I asked her to recommend me some nice cafes near the main Waseda University campus (she’s a student there), and here’s what she suggested:

  • Cafe Goto – They’ve got really nice cakes!
  • Cafe Retro (pictured above — notice all the issues of CASA BRUTUS!) – Seems like the omelettes are the thing to try here.
  • Baobab Cafe – This is the one she recommends the most. She says there are often art exhibitions here.
  • Kira Kira Cafe – This one is run by an indie record label.

And this is a good link (again, from Yuki) for more info on cafes in the area. Even better, it’s mobile friendly, so load it up in your favorites list for easy access when you’re in the area.