Graphic Wave 2005

I don’t mention the monthly GGG exhibitions much because I automatically visit them (remember, I use this site as a reminder of things I want to see), but I should point out that September sees the “Graphic Wave 2005” show, which you’ll probably want to see. In September 2005 the Ginza Graphic Gallery will hold […]

Digiki at Enban

Digiki (you’re all downloading his POLYPUNK podcast, right) will be performing live next Tuesday (September 6) at Koenji’s Enban, alongside Hot Troche. See Patrick’s Agenda for more details.

K-Spray International Tour

Get a taste of live stenciling! ‘K-Spray’, sponsored by shoe company K-Swiss, and curated by artist Ghetto Kitty, will bring the medium of stenciling to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. This stencil tour promises to be the most comprehensive documentation of this burgeoning genre. The three artists participating in the progressive tour, Logan Hicks […]