Snapazoo for Swedish Style


As part of the Swedish Style events we’ve been organizing, we’ve managed to get the Laughtoys‘ inaugural product, Snapazoo, be names as official mascot. The image you see above (created by NCM, and which you’ll also recognize as part of my new site banner) was used in Swedish Style’s press presentation from last week, and the illustration is used in the pamphlet that comes with the limited edition Swedish Style Snapazoo (blue/yellow) that has been created just for the event.

NCM worked on the packaging for the regular Snapazoo product (set to launch in mid-November), and so we were very happy to include it in the stuff we’ve been doing with our “Mamma Gun sager: Ta en PAUS” event. You’ll be able to purchase one, and it should come to around 1680 yen — I’ll have more info on how to order one as soon as they become available.

What is a Snapazoo? It’s easier to explain with pictures, so check out the Laughtoys site and see it in action. Ola even managed to make a moose!

Also, I have a no-text version of the above illustration currently set as my desktop (1440×900). If you want it, just email me.

Update: The post with Ola’s Snapazoo moose now includes instructions on how to make it!