PlayStation Spot


At the Ginza Sony Building, where you can try out new PSP games.

Update: I had a blast (the most fun I’ve ever had at the Sony Building) and was probably there for close to an hour playing games. The wireless PlayStation Spot works like a charm, and I was able to try out 5 games on my PSP (you just select “Game Sharing” in your menu system), like a new Megaman game (very old-school, quite possibly a remake of the one of the original games, but with cute updated graphics — I had a lot of fun playing this, and will probably buy it when it comes out) and a sort of MADE IN WARIO-type game (I can’t remember what it was called) that featuresd little wacky mini-games. But the true standout was a game called LOCO ROCO. This is by far the most innovative game I’ve seen on the PSP, and I can definitely see it gain a KATAMARI DAMACY-like cult following. The game is so simple to play, yet deliciously addictive. It’s sort of like a platformer, but your character is a blob, and you tilt the screen with the L/R buttons to make it roll around (and holding back on both buttons and letting go creates a spring-like jump). As you roll around, there are certain spots which can only be traversed by calling forth lightning that disintegrates your blob, leaving you with a bunch of tiny blobs, which you can then re-stick together. Sure, it sounds weird, but it was fun as hell, and the graphics are a joy to look at. I cannot wait to get the full version of this (out in 2006).