Kengo Kuma Selected Works

1568984685.01.THUMBZZZTropolism — a new blog that deals with architecture — has posted a review of the new Kengo Kuma monograph, KENGO KUMA SELECTED WORKS.

Art Events

Arigato Gaijin

In LA? You might want to catch this:

Repetition of plastic objects seems to be a recurring theme lately. The most recent incarnation can be seen at the new show opening at Raid Projects in LA this weekend. Arigato Gaijin, which translates to thank you, foreigners, features the work of 5 young and emerging Japanese artists. Of particular interest are these two pieces from Tomoaki Sato (right) Akira Shikiya (left). Where Sato explores individuality vs. sameness, Shikiya creates originality through a compelling copy-paste-adjust approach to everyday objects. (Cool Hunting)
Design Events

My Moleskine Exhibition Japan


Sure, the Moleskine is getting to be a bit of a cliche in the design world, but damn it if I don’t love mine.

My Moleskine shows simultaneously in 5 venues the work of over 80 Japanese and foreign graphic designers, musicians, stylists, illustrators and photographers. The exhibition places importance on the creative process rather than final artworks with artists using the historic Moleskine notebooks (those formerly used by such luminaries as Matisse, Van Gogh and Hemingway) to explore the evolution of what inspires an artist to choose certain creative directions while abandoning others.

5 venues: Aoyama Book Center – Aoyama, NADiff – Aoyama, Libro – Aoyama, Tsutaya Tokyo – Roppongi, Tower Records – Shibuya (TAB)

It runs until October 31.

Architecture Events

9tubohouse Exhibition


I wasn’t aware of this “9tubohouse,” but I like what I’m seeing.

With a Gold Prize in Architecture and Environment Design from Good Design Awards under its belt, the 9tubohouse has been a center of attention since 2002. This exhibition takes a look at the history of the development of the 9tubohouse, and unveils their newest work, “9tubohouse with kids”. (TAB)

It’s happening at D-Akihabara Temporary until October 10.


Kissu Shite!

Remember a band called Sixpence None the Richer? No, of course you don’t. They had a hit single a few years ago, “Kiss Me,” featured on the soundtrack to a film (can’t remember what movie it was). The reason I’m bringing this up is that the song is now appearing in a TV commercial here, and Yuko took a liking to it. So I found a “best of” album for her, and we were both really surprised to find a Japanese version of the song on the compilation, and according to Yuko, the singer’s pronunciation is actually quite good. It must be a result of her studying the language or spending some time here, but we haven’t found any info on the web. Just out of curiosity, anyone know anything?

Oh, and even though the lyrics are all in Japanese, the chorus is still “kiss me,” because a Japanese person would never say something like kissu shite.

Fashion Web

Hiroshi Fujiwara is blogging now — oh, see him hang out with Eric Clapton on his yacht! It’s actually part of a whole web zine/planning/community thing called, billed as an “Intelligence Service for a High Style.” I can’t wait to see the essay that Marxy is going to get out of this.

Architecture Art Events

Kazumasa Noguchi: Small Impact

Starting this weekend at the Nakaochiai Gallery:

Nakaochiai Gallery is pleased to announce Small Impact, a new exhibition by Tokyo-based architect and visual artist Kazumasa Noguchi.

Noguchi has spent one month at the gallery creating a site-specific installation. The artist’s aim is to create a relationship between objects that are not related in any way. “Welcome to the world of simple rules that make things complex,” he says.

Two-dimensional geometrical painted forms will create a fragmented puzzle lining line the floor, walls and ceiling of the gallery’s first floor. The Japanese-style room on the second floor will host his latest series of line drawings on paper, following the same principle. Both series of works create a sequence of images in which each induces or influences the next – a “chain reaction.”

An opening reception with live performance by Yuki Ono happens on October 2 (18:00-21:00), with the show running October 3-23.


The Ako House Tour

Take a video tour of Atelier Bow-Wow‘s Ako House (courtesy of 10+1). Link via