Book Cover Exhibition

For all you book binding fetishists (Craig, I’m thinking of you):

When you leave Ochanomizu station, cross the Hijiribashi bridge, and walk along Sotoboridori toward Akihabara with Yushima Seido on your left, you will find on your right a small shop named Misuzudo. It belongs to a book bindery, the main factory of which is located in Nagano Prefecture. This tiny little space in Kanda incorporates an atelier and gallery in which small-scale workshops and other events that communicate the fascination of book binding are being held. “Skin of a Book” exhibits book cover designs by a total of 30 designers belonging to the Japan Typography Association, and for prices starting at 100 yen ready book covers are being sold at the venue. (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at Misuzudo Gallery, January 10-24.

Racing with the Hot Brothers


While I anxiously await to see what crazy stunt Takeshi Okamura will perform during his annual year-end TV special (last year was pretty damn classic), I guess I can start trying to best his MARIO KART DS times.

Japanese comedians Takeshi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe not content to be Mario and Luigi in commercials have taken to the DS to continue their antics. The Hot Mario Bros have been practicing their Mario Kart DS skills to take on all comers. Starting Dec. 27, gamers in Japan can download the Mario Bros ghost data from a Nintendo WiFi kiosk and try to best their times. (Kotaku)

Polypunk OK


Digiki has just posted his fifth Polypunk podcast, this time calling it POLYPUNK OK. As he explains:

I wanted to do something different for the last 2005 show, and that’s the reason why it’s called Polypunk OK and not Polypunk 005 (confusing, I know). The theme for this fifth show is the work (and sound environment) of Oyamada Keigo aka Cornelius. I wanted to have a mix of Cornelius sounds and non-Cornelius material connected together, and I hope you’ll like the result.

Get it while it’s hot!

GAS Vs. Rocket

The Rocket Gallery makes a comeback, sort of, with the next show scheduled at GAS’ Traveling Shop in-store gallery, “Hello Gas Gallery Exhibition Rocket Is Still On, ‘How Are You Been?'” It takes place January 14-19, with more details here (in Japanese).