Month: December 2005

  • The Year of the Ping Dog

    To celebrate the upcoming “year of the dog,” PingMag starts posting a series of origami-like paper constructions of said animal (this one is by Michael Chu).

  • Book Cover Exhibition

    For all you book binding fetishists (Craig, I’m thinking of you): When you leave Ochanomizu station, cross the Hijiribashi bridge, and walk along Sotoboridori toward Akihabara with Yushima Seido on your left, you will find on your right a small shop named Misuzudo. It belongs to a book bindery, the main factory of which is…

  • Trainsurfer

    Patrick’s Agenda tells us about the shorts compilation DVD, TRAINSURFER, which I absolutely want to see.

  • OH! Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to one and all — yes, I dare use the dreaded C-word — from me and Mikey!

  • Onsen Bound

    Momus gets excited about onsen again.

  • This Week at Gridskipper

    This week’s posts at Gridskipper: Character Expo 2005 Mikimoto Ginza 2 And here’s a direct link to all the posts by me.

  • Racing with the Hot Brothers

    While I anxiously await to see what crazy stunt Takeshi Okamura will perform during his annual year-end TV special (last year was pretty damn classic), I guess I can start trying to best his MARIO KART DS times. Japanese comedians Takeshi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe not content to be Mario and Luigi in commercials have…

  • Polypunk OK

    Digiki has just posted his fifth Polypunk podcast, this time calling it POLYPUNK OK. As he explains: I wanted to do something different for the last 2005 show, and that’s the reason why it’s called Polypunk OK and not Polypunk 005 (confusing, I know). The theme for this fifth show is the work (and sound…

  • Midnight Eye Update

    Midnight Eye has just updated with some new articles/reviews. Nevermind that it’s almost Christmas, they’ve gone all horror on us: an interview with Norio Tsuruta (RING 0), a feature pondering the death of J-Horror, frightful reviews aplenty, including RAMPO NOIR, THE RAVAGED HOUSE, KOKKURI, even a book review (THE RING COMPANION).

  • GAS Vs. Rocket

    The Rocket Gallery makes a comeback, sort of, with the next show scheduled at GAS’ Traveling Shop in-store gallery, “Hello Gas Gallery Exhibition Rocket Is Still On, ‘How Are You Been?’” It takes place January 14-19, with more details here (in Japanese).