Flickr Feed Problem

I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like my Flickr feed is suddenly posting plenty of pictures that aren’t mine. Anyone know what’s going on? Are other users experiencing this?

Update: Weird, if I view the feed in Safari it seems OK, but when viewed in Bloglines (I re-subscribed to the feed, just to make sure) I get a bunch of pictures that are not by me (and by people I don’t know).


Continuing on my theme of moving all my activities to the web, the Feedlounge online feed reader looks rather sweet. Too bad you need to pay $5 a month to use it (which is why I’ll stick to Bloglines).

Also, from using the mobile phone access to Gmail, I’ve noticed that I can actually access my site easily on my keitai, and even post comments (I’ve done so a few times recently).



Kotaku has huge coverage of the Shigureden interactive museum in Kyoto, in which you roam all sorts of environments (based on a traditional Japanese card game) with a specially tricked-out Nintendo DS as your guide. Looks fascinating, although it does seem as if you’d need a minimum of Japanese ability to take everything in. There are a whole bunch of pics up, so just go to the Kotaku site and scroll down, but you can also try here, here, here, and here, with an intro to the museum here.

Nintendo DS Lite


I’m sure you already all know about the recently announced Nintendo DS Lite (out in March), and I quite like the image you see above, as it helps put the new console’s dimensions in context (more comparisons in this Joystiq entry). I’m quite liking it — love that it’s white — and since I’ve pretty much lost my DS to Yuko because of DOUBUTSU NO MORI, I’m seriously considering picking one up when it gets released.