Down for the Count, the Neverending Story

Seems like I just can’t shake off this damn cold. After getting back to work last week, and feeling better, this weekend was another in-house kleenex-a-thon mixed with a sore throat. Joy. Feeling a bit better today, but this time I’m cautious about saying I’m done with this damn virus. I’m just hoping I can […]

Make Mine Madhouse

Everyone, we must all get on our knees and bow to the fine folks at Madhouse. First this: AniPaged Daily reports that Masaaki Yuasa, director of the brilliant anime film Mind Game will be producing a TV series for Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, the various CLAMP adaptations). Kemonozume (Claw of the Beast or Canned Beast), is […]

TAB Events

With the latest redesign of my site I had to get rid of my Tokyo Art Beat listings in the sidebar, which is a bit unfortunate. You all know how much I live and die by TAB listings, and so I think that at the very least I should post my list of recommended events […]

This Week in Magazines

The latest CASA BRUTUS (73) is their annual “Tokyo Best 100” issue, and as you can imagine, is well worth picking up since it acts as a great guide to the things you should be checking out while in town. They do use up a bit too many of their selections on Omotesando Hills though. […]


I was out in Akihabara yesterday — full “out of the closet” disclosure: I wanted to go to the Yellow Submarine RPG shop to check out the board and card games (picked up a pack of this cool new “constructible strategy game” called PIRATES) — and it’s just insane to see how much the district […]

Professional Photographers

When I’ve written stories for various publications, I’ve sometimes been asked if I knew of any Tokyo-based professional photographers that they could use for the pieces. I’m afraid that up to know I usually don’t have any good suggestions to make, and so I figured I’d make a call-out. I’m not promising any jobs or […]