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Pink in the Air


The sakura are finally in bloom in Tokyo, and so the annual pink landscape is now in full effect. Shot taken at a small park in Ikebukuro (a bit of trivial for TRICK fans: that park was used in a scene in the second’s season’s third combination episode).

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PXR-5 Love, the Conclusion


It was about a year ago that I first proclaimed my love for Michael Young‘s PXR-5 watch, and finally, I have one! It’s as nice as I thought it would be, and I’m quite happy about being “with watch” again (I’ve been patiently waiting to replace my previous watch for over a year now, waiting for just the right one). If you’re looking to get one, it has popped up on Charles & Marie a few times (and I imagine it will again), but they only ship to the US and Germany.

UpdateSomeone from the Charles & Marie site has informed me that although they can’t handle international orders through the shop yet (but there are plans to add this), you can still place an international order by using the “International Order Form.”


Down for the Count, the Neverending Story

Seems like I just can’t shake off this damn cold. After getting back to work last week, and feeling better, this weekend was another in-house kleenex-a-thon mixed with a sore throat. Joy. Feeling a bit better today, but this time I’m cautious about saying I’m done with this damn virus. I’m just hoping I can take advantage of my week off, and get some stuff done. On the nice side of things, the sakura are out!

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Make Mine Madhouse

Everyone, we must all get on our knees and bow to the fine folks at Madhouse. First this:

AniPaged Daily reports that Masaaki Yuasa, director of the brilliant anime film Mind Game will be producing a TV series for Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, the various CLAMP adaptations). Kemonozume (Claw of the Beast or Canned Beast), is schedule to air this summer of WOWOW. Madhouse also has a new film by Mamoru Hosoda, a new film by Satoshi Kon, and a recently announced TV series by Mitsuo Iso on slate. (AICN)

A new film from Satoshi Kon!?! Oh my. And then this:

Twitch and Catsuka report Katsuhito Ishii, director of Taste of Tea and character designer of the animated portion of Kill Bill, has written the script for a new anime to be directed by Takeshi Koike (Dead Leaves and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust key animator). The Madhouse animation project is scheduled for 2006. (AICN)

And if that wasn’t enough, the following political anime sounds intriguing as well:

Little Harlock posts on Anime on DVD’s forum that Madhouse has annonced that they have licensed seinan (older audience male) title Taiyo no Mokushiroku ~ A Spirit of The Sun by Kaiji Kawaguchi. Masayuki Kojima (director of MONSTER) will be directing the projecting. The series, scheduled for WOWOW this fall is a largely political drama looking at Japan after a natural disaster. (AICN)

Consider me very excited by all these projects.


Akira Kobayashi


PingMag interviews type designer Akira Kobayashi.

Art Design Events

TAB Events

With the latest redesign of my site I had to get rid of my Tokyo Art Beat listings in the sidebar, which is a bit unfortunate. You all know how much I live and die by TAB listings, and so I think that at the very least I should post my list of recommended events maybe on a weekly basis here. And remember, you can also subscribe to a feed of my recommended TAB events.

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This Week in Magazines

cover pencover

  • The latest CASA BRUTUS (73) is their annual “Tokyo Best 100” issue, and as you can imagine, is well worth picking up since it acts as a great guide to the things you should be checking out while in town. They do use up a bit too many of their selections on Omotesando Hills though.
  • PEN (172) offers up “World Architects’ Ideas for Living,” which translates as an international guide to the best in home design. It’s a nice selection of house porn, and is extremely heavy on the photography.
  • With the latest BRUTUS (590) we get another over-sized fashion issue, this time in the guises of their “2006 S&S Style Book.” Not really my thing, but probably of interest to the fashionistas out there.
  • The Spring 2006 issue of MEUBLES (04) is another nice mook covering all things that relate to the interior. This time they feature a look at classic furniture pieces from top designers, and also include a terrific walking guide to Tokyo interior shops.
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I was out in Akihabara yesterday — full “out of the closet” disclosure: I wanted to go to the Yellow Submarine RPG shop to check out the board and card games (picked up a pack of this cool new “constructible strategy game” called PIRATES) — and it’s just insane to see how much the district has changed. I don’t really go to Akihabara anymore, and so was just shocked to see all the huge high-rises (like the Cross Field complex pictured here) surrounding the area. The sad thing is that it’s sort of turning into any other Tokyo shopping area. On the bright side, these new complexes are being built in a part of the district that wasn’t really used before (for retail), so the original tiny “circuit streets” are still there. Last week I saw a thing on TV that reported on how the area is now attracting non-otaku women to the area, and not just for shopping, but also as a place to live!

And since I’m on the topic of games (not the video kind), I’m wondering if there’s anyone playing PERPLEX CITY? I just ordered a starter pack that includes a few boosters — looks like fun.

Meta Photography

Professional Photographers

When I’ve written stories for various publications, I’ve sometimes been asked if I knew of any Tokyo-based professional photographers that they could use for the pieces. I’m afraid that up to know I usually don’t have any good suggestions to make, and so I figured I’d make a call-out. I’m not promising any jobs or anything, but if ever I get asked again, I could possibly refer to whatever feedback I get in the comments section. Let me be clear that this is call-out for professional photographers, not just anyone with a camera in Tokyo who likes to take pictures (like me) — when I get asked, they do request for professional work (i.e. you’ve already done that kind of work).

UpdateA reader points out that the proper term is probably “editorial photographer.”

Art Events

Tatsuo Miyajima


JDN has a bunch of pics up from Tatsuo Miyajima’s “Fragile” exhibition (until April 8) at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE. I really need to go see this show. Link via