I turn 33 today, which I think is a rather nice number. I’ll be celebrating tonight at this month’s edition of PechaKucha Night, which just so happens to be vol. 33.


For those who follow the English version of the REALTOKYO site quite regularly (like me), here’s a bit of bad news for the coming month: The English segment of REALTOKYO will take a summer break and remains closed in the week June 5 – 9. There might be fewer updates than usual in the two […]

Are You a Starving Artist?

A writer for JAPANZINE is starting a monthly column called “10 Questions for a Starving Artist,” and she’s on the lookout for possible interviewees. In her words, “I want to interview local artists, ones who are dedicated to making it in the arts (not just hobby artists) and are trying to eek out a creative, […]

Freitag at Ito-ya

Uber-stationery store Ito-ya is holding a celebration of all things Freitag! Two brothers from Zurich, Daniel and Markus Freitag, were bike-riding designers in 1993 when they began making durable, waterproof bags from recycled truck tarps. Freitag bags are put together entirely from recycled materials, including airbags, seat belts and bicycle inner tubes—no two are the […]

Tokyo Boy 04

As I mentioned yesterday, I recorded a new episode of TOKYO BOY last Friday, this time during a speed visit of Ginza (crunched in between a meeting and then heading to work). Again, it sounds like crap, so if the quality from past episodes annoys you, then stay away. I will be getting a small […]

Japan Loves Mario

Regarding first day sales for NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. on the Nintendo DS: NSMB managed to sell through 480,000 units in it’s first day, making it the fastest selling DS title ever. To put things in perspective, when the second edition of Brain Training came out in Japan, it sold through 414,556 units…in the first […]

Video Topics

I’d like to try doing some sort of video podcast, or at least do some short videos. I have a MiniDV camera that I haven’t used in ages, but I don’t really have any good ideas right now on what would make a good topic (something that would be good for video). Any suggestions?