Atelier Muji

I was in Ginza this past Friday (recorded a new episode of TOKYO BOY, which will be up later today) and of course stopped by Muji Yurakucho. The current exhibition at Atelier Muji had to do with stitching, and you had all these children-sized t-shirts mounted on a wall. Here’s another shot from inside the […]

Lapnet Ship

While the Foret building is closed for renovations, the Lapnet Ship gallery has moved down the street (coming from Omotesando, turn left before you get to Foret). The current show covers the Nintendo DS game ANIMAL CROSSING, but I didn’t have time to go in have a look (you had to register or something at […]

Radio OK Fred 08

Back from the dead — episode 08 of RADIO OK FRED is now up! If you subscribe to the feed, then you should already have it, if not, here’s a direct link (and you can get previous episodes here). The biggest change is that this is the first time we record directly to Garageband (previously, […]

Swedish Style 2006

There’s finally some info out there regarding this year’s edition of Swedish Style. It’s a bit longer this time, happening November 1-15 (the opening party is November 3), and the theme this year is “paradise.” Me and Jesper have already started planning for another event this year, again to take place at Cafe Pause.