Animal Crossing at Lapnet Ship

Even though Foret is currently closed and undergoing some rennovations, the Lapnet Ship is still open, and has just moved down the road (see the access section of their site). The current show covers DOUBUTSU NO MORI (ANIMAL CROSSING): At Harajuku’s LAPNET SHIP, the gallery/cafe is holding a Animal Crossing art exhibit for the next […]

On Design for May

Just a reminder that my “On Design” column for this month will be in tomorrow’s (Tuesday) edition of THE JAPAN TIMES. This time, I go with my base instincts and cover something I’m sure will come as no surprise to any of you: all things white! Update:┬áThe column is now online (free registration required after […] Cafe

A shot of the newly opened Cafe in Aoyama, on the same spot as the Xbox Lounge from a few months ago. It’s a temporary cafe setup for the duration of the World Cup, with all matches being shown on giant screens inside. Here‘s the post I wrote for Gridskipper last week, and one […]

Magazines Are Expensive

I was at the Junkudo bookstore earlier today and ended up picking up the latest +81 (32), which is their “Graphics the World Over” issue, as well as the newly relaunched ATMOSPHERE (3) from GAS. I was unpleasantly surprised by what the latter was selling for: 2300 yen. Seems a bit expensive, and it’s double […]