TB.Musica 01


I’ve been thinking about starting a few new projects during my summer holidays (which start next week), and have jumped the gun a bit. Last night I ended up putting together the first episode of a new podcast series, this time a radio show. I’m calling it TB.Musica (again, a remnant of my silly naming conventions), and the idea here is to make a short show (around 6 tracks), all from Japanese artists. The first episode is now up, and here’s a direct link — even better, just subscribe to the feed. Here is the track listing:

TB.Musica 01 (24.7MB, 26:29)

  • Halfby – “Screw the Plan feat. Olympic Lifts”
  • Mihomihomakoto – “I Want to Be Loved”
  • Karia Nomoto – “Hitomi no Naka ni Mirrorball”
  • Moskitoo – “Swimming”
  • Miki Odagiri – “Rooms”
  • Taichi – “Spotlight”