New Blog for Cafe Pause


Another one of the projects I was planning to start during the summer break was a separate blog for all my activities at Cafe Pause. Well, like with the new podcast series, I ended up making a quick site last night, and so might as well make it public now (for you feed addicts, here you go). I’ll probably tinker with it a bit over the coming weeks, but I’m going to be blogging on it as of now. The reason for this is that I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious about posting so much about the cafe here — something which I think could alienate readers, especially the ones not living in Tokyo — so I figured that having a dedicated place to post updates on all of the cafe’s happenings to my hearts content is the better solution. For those of you who liked getting info on Cafe Pause’s events and exhibitions (as well as my updates of new magazines I picked up for the racks), you’ll still get it, just at another location.