Inspired 2006

Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no problem with sponsored/curated competitions of this kind. If Getty Images wants to support new works by artists, then I’m all for it. That being said, here are the details for “Inspired 2006” (from Shift Blog):

“Getty images Japan” carries out a film competition “Inspired 2006” for Japanese creators, in cooperation with “RESFEST Japan”, which introduces the latest visual trend.

“Inspired 2006” is an image competition with the theme of “Inspiration”, and it calls for entry in 2 sections; “Short Film” and “Music Video”. The works should be used more than 50% of some materials (a still image, an animation) from getty images. “Boom Boom Satellites” offers a song as a test piece for a music video section.

More details in the original post.