Tonight (August 12), the cafe presents an evening of sound/video performances. I didn’t organize this, but I saw them testing the sounds and visuals, and it looks like it’s going to be rather nice and I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Here is the line-up:

TEST [ N ] @ pause
planning by NMEW

19:30-20:15 Keisuzuki Dustleum [ installation ]
20:15-20:30 Peformanced by kota sakagawa
20:30-21:30 NMEW AUDIO [ DJ Kazuhisa Nagamizu]
21:30-22:00 Keisuzuki TEST [N] Audio Visual consert
22:00-23:00 NMEW AUDIO [ DJ+VJ ] Kazuhisa Nagamizu + KEISUZUKI]

Sound Adviser + DJ : kazuhisa nagamizu
Total Consept : keisuzuki
Presented by NMEW