Live at PechaKucha Tonight


As you can probably tell from the lack of posts over the weekend, it’s been a rather hectic couple of days, trying to get everything ready in time for the start of the “Nudie Cafe” event at Cafe Pause. We’ve now officially started (although the video installation will only start on Wednesday, when NIM arrives and can program everything), and I’ll try to post some pics later today. Let me remind you though that me and Jesper will be giving a presentation at the special Design Tide edition of PechaKucha Night tonight, as always, at SuperDeluxe. I believe we go first, so we’ll probably be starting at 20:30 or so. Jesper worked like crazy to get all the images done, which I think are going to look quite nice — the concept is that every slide builds on the previous one, with new pictures “piled” on the old ones. See you there!

UpdateI’ve put up all the images used in the presentation — created by Jesper — up on my Flickr account in a photoset. To get the “piling” effect, I recommend viewing it in a slideshow.