Cheeky in Metropolis

The picture is tiny, but if you pick up this week’s issue of METROPOLIS (658), you’ll see a larger version, and maybe notice that that’s me on the right, getting my ROCKSTAR GAMES PRESENTS TABLE TENNIS game on. Here’s the text that accompanies it:

One of the more enjoyable press events we went to recently was a promotional party for Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis, an Xbox 360 game released last month. Rockstar had rented out a fabulous penthouse in Ebisu and each night invited groups of journalists, trend-spotters and bloggers to a contest to try out what, let’s face it, doesn’t sound like the most exciting exercise for opposable thumbs. This is, after all, a game-maker more famous for violent titles like Grand Theft Auto than for ping pong.

With the help of a few crates of beer and a busy pizza delivery boy, Metropolis took on a posse from, some hangers-on from CIA, and a few other unknowns at the new Table Tennis game with our own Tabitha Miles coming out victorious.

The game-savvy awarded it high marks for usability, graphics and all sorts of other gaming variables. To us, it was just fun. This marketing technique, apparently known as “seeding,” is supposed to get trendsetters excited about a new product so they spread the word to the masses. “Bribery” is another word that springs to mind. But whatever you call it, it worked.

Update (16/10/23): The image is no longer available.