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Nudie Cafe T-Shirts for Sale


With the “Nudie Cafe” event now over, since we still have some t-shirts left over (Swedish graphic designer PMKFA remixing a Nudie Jeans tee), we’ve decided to sell the remaining stock online. We sill have quite a few mediums and larges, but only 2 smalls 1 small no smalls left. Be warned that they run rather small (I usually wear M, but for this tee L fits me nicely). We’re selling them for 4500 yen, which includes shipping for anywhere in the world. To order, paypal me the amount (send the money to, and include your mailing address and size choice. Huge thanks to Jens Petersen for the great photo.

UpdateOnly 1 small left, but many of the other sizes.

Update 2There are no more smalls left, but other sizes are still available.