Points to a T

A month without a Graniph t-shirt (or long-sleeve) purchase? Say it ain’t so! Well, it ain’t, although I didn’t pay for this latest Graniph tee. I actually managed — embarrassingly so — to fill up one of their point cards, so this latest one, Agraphia, didn’t cost me a penny. Update (16/10/29): This image is […]

Site Sponsors

As I will do every week now, I’d like to thank — and point out — this site’s sponsors, currently residing in the sidebar to the right. The latest one is Tokyomade, an online store that offers all sorts of fun design goods, straight from Tokyo. It joins other sponsors Tokyo Recohan, OK FRED, and […]

On Design for February 2007

This month’s edition of my “On Design” column is in today’s THE JAPAN TIMES (and can be read online here). In it, I cover the latest products from Kyouei, D-BROS‘ A Path to the Future packing tape, Lemnos‘ Oblong clocks, and Teruhiro Yanagihara‘s Cover It flower vase.

Picross DS

Jason DeGroot is more than just 6955 or the Baito Hell Master, he also contributes to game site 1UP, and in his latest review he tells you why you’ll want to get PICROSS DS (despite some flaws). For me, it’s all about FINAL FANTASY III these days on my DS, closing in on 20 hours […]

Beautiful Flux

I mentioned it last week, but here’s more on Amanda Browder‘s upcoming exhibition at the Nakaochiai Gallery, “Beautiful Flux.” The show runs March 4-24, with an opening reception on March 3 (19:00-21:00). From 4 to 24 March, the Nakaochiai Gallery welcomes the coming spring with an exhibition of artist Amanda Browder’s soft sculpture-based installation ”Beautiful […]

The Number

Music Related‘s offshoot online-only label, Creation-Centre, has a new release, this time from a Japanese duo called The Number. How does label master Trevor sell you on them? “Chopped-up instruments, found objects from around the house. Bounce and pulse through the insanely unique vision of modern music. An off-kilter soundtrack to life in Japan. It’s […]