The Babel Effect

First it was POKEMON, now BABEL is freaking some people out. Seven people have complained of nausea and other health symptoms at theaters in Aichi and Mie prefectures after watching the Oscar-nominated U.S. movie “Babel,” theater officials said Monday. The sickness is believed to be linked with a scene about one hour and 20 minutes […]

Next Up for Satoshi Kon

We finally get a few details on director Satoshi Kon’s next project. Tokyopop has posted an exclusive interview with Satoshi Kon, director of Tokyo Godfathers and the more recent Paprika. In the interview, Kon talks about the other writers who have indirectly influenced his work, such as Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick, and mentions […]

Water Logo

Paul stopped by the “Tokyo Fiber” exhibition at Spiral, and recommends it. On the picture he took (you’ll find a few more on his Flickr account): “Droplets slowly grow through the fabric to spell out the event’s name and then glide down. Impressive effect.”

Keitai Manga

THE JAPAN TIMES has a piece up on mobile phone-formatted manga, which to me, really does sound like something I’d like to see grow even more (including from North American publishers).