PauseTalk Vol. 9

We got a nice turnout for PauseTalk Vol. 9, and as usual, it was nice seeing a few new faces. The evening was a mix of talk and chat, as we covered most of the usual topics (updates on various personal and group projects) fairly quickly. As always, a good chance to talk shop with some people, with some trying to get feedback on ideas and work. The PauseTalk projects (8mm films, PDF magazine) have mostly been pushed online. The next edition will take place May 7. Following is a list of participants.

Alin Huma (Photographer)
Chris Kirby (Industrial Designer)
Chris Palmieri (Web Designer)
Christophe Sautot (Web Designer)
Craig Mod (Designer)
Denis Goguen (Interactive Designer)
Jane Kitagawa (Curator/Producer)
Jean Snow (Writer)
Joe Keenan (Graphic Designer)
Huschang Pourian (Graphic Designer)
Katrin Paul (Photographer)
Max Hodges (Publisher)
Paul Baron (Web Designer)
Richard Knobbs (Writer)
Sonia Chow (Designer)
Yun Hee Lee (Information Media Major)