Another year, another birthday. But I swear, it just keeps getting better and better, and as I mentioned the other day, today also marks a transition point for my career. So this year: bigger, better, and oh so satisfying.

Apple Store Trumps PauseTalk

I’ve been getting mail on this because of the confusion, so let’s clear things up. The Apple Store Shibuya performance that Momus has been touting as happening June 6 is in fact scheduled for June 4 (he noted the date wrong). Not only does that mean that the show will happen this coming Monday night, […]

Julia Barnes on Tokyo Eye

Nakaochiai Gallery‘s Julia Barnes will appear in this week’s edition of TOKYO EYE, that airs at various times on NHK World. She does the “My Private Tokyo” segment, which is what I did a few months back.

This Week in Magazines

BRUTUS (617) features a look at “Rakugo x Musician,” by covering collaboration or mixes between the two fields (rakugo is a traditional Japanese comedic form). The insert is an entire rakugo comic, from the series “Classic Rakugo Comics,” as well as a CD of performances. PEN (199) offers up a very detailed guide to Kamakura, […]

Happening in Tokyo

Graphic designer Hideki Inaba has an exhibition, “Graphic Line,” at the Shu Uemura Beauty Boutique on Omotesando (near the Hanae Mori building), starting this Friday (until June 10). Micke — better known under the name PMKFA — has his first solo exhibition, “A Bag of Grease,” in Europe starting next week (June 8-July 31) at […]

How to Sell at Design Festa

Illustrator Josh McKible posts about his experience at last weekend’s Design Festa. The secret to good sales? Concentrate on small products, such as postcards and buttons. In fact, I think that’s pretty much the rule for anything that relates to art in this city, as that’s exactly what I’ve seen happen with all the show’s […]

What's an Isme if It Ain't Neo?

Marxy’s latest post alludes to the new site we’ll see him launch sometime this summer. I’m not at liberty to say anymore about it, but I will say that I’m involved, and I think it’s going to be pretty damn cool. To be continued…