Ani-Kuri 15

Nice to see NHK do something like this, but I think I’ll have to wait until they pop-up on the ANI-KURI 15 site before I can see them.

Beginning May 7, the Japanese public broadcasting network NHK will launch a special collection of one-minute anime shorts by 15 of Japan’s biggest anime directors and creators. The title of the collection, Ani-Kuri 15, is abbreviated from the words “anime” and “creators.”

The one-minute shorts will be broadcast in three “seasons,” with each group of five animated shorts scheduled to run between regular programming on NHK at three periods in the coming months. Due to the nature of the broadcasts, the one-minute shorts will not be listed in TV programming guides. However, NHK has mentioned that the shorts will run primarily on NHK’s “General” channel rather than the NHK “Educational” channel. In addition, the shorts will appear on the official Ani-kuri 15 website in the near future. (Anime News Network)

Check out the full post for the list of participating creators.