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Crust and Dirt in Tokyo


The Nakaochia Gallery gets out of its hood and into Apple Store Shibuya for its next event.

INSTANT DRAWING MACHINE – Live performance Apple Store, Shibuya Sunday, May 13, 6-7pmFrom 13 May—9 June 2007, the art duo of Crust and Dirt will touch down in Tokyo. This pair will be bringing their science-fiction art to Japan through an exhibition titled Inter-dimension Trading Table at the Nakaochiai Gallery and a live performance of their Instant Drawing Machine at the Apple store in Shibuya.Crust and Dirt are the alter-egos of artists Oliver Halsman Rosenberg and Clint Taniguchi and transform the pair into what have been variously called `time travelers’, ‘manifesting spirits’, and ‘quasi-mystical forces’.

On 13 May, 6-7pm, Crust and Dirt will conduct their ‘Instant Drawing Machine’ (IDM) at Tokyo’s Apple store in Shibuya to interact with passers-by in London.

IDM was last seen in June 2006 at the Drawing Center in New York City.

IDM is a modern ‘wishing well’ by which pedestrians in distant cities are given the chance to meet Crust and Dirt through computers placed on cities’ sidewalks. Passers-by are invited to share a wish, which the artists visualize into a drawing before their eyes.

While their drawings are on one hand the product of contemporary technology (communications enabled by Internet, video, etc.), they are also born out of sage-like practices of giving shape to dreams and taking on spirit guide-type roles; a unique combination of the primal and technological.