TB.Jogo 2


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Jean Snow: So, we’ve been away for a while, but let’s do this, TB.Jogo 2! To kick things off, what are you playing these days?

Brad Douglas: Last time you complained that I was playing WoW too much. In answer to your complaints, I have not been playing for almost two weeks!

JS: Oh yeah, I guess we should start with the WoW thing. I wanted to break it to you in the column, and instead ended up telling you the other day, but yeah, I’ve left… I’m out!

BD: I was shocked, but not surprised. I’ve hit a plateau for sure. I feel your pain.

JS: It was a mix of hitting a plateau, and just not liking what it was doing to my gaming life. I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to play a variety of games at all times. With WoW, it’s the only thing I was playing, and then I started feeling like I wasn’t going to achieve any sort of end goal anytime soon, and so figured I’d get off now. I still think it’s an amazing game, but there are just too many other good games out there for me to spend so much time on just one. I think this is the end of my MMO experiment. So what are you playing if not WoW these days?

BD: Right now, I am totally into the new Zelda game, MUGEN NO SUNADOKEI. It’s so much fun. At first, I was turned off by the Cel-da graphics. I never liked WIND WAKER — the parts in the boat were incredibly boring — but they’ve really done an amazing job of making the game more fun and accessible.

JS: My wife has been obsessed with the new Zelda game as well. It’s a bit surprising, since she’s never played a Zelda game before, and doesn’t usually go for action RPG/adventure games. But MUGEN has sucked her in completely. One of the staff at Cafe Pause also seriously got into it, and is already close to finishing the game. She’s not even that much of a gamer, but she definitely found something to love here. I usually avoid playing games in Japanese, but I’m now thinking I want to give this a try, especially since you can touch the kanji and get the furigana reading.

BD: Yeah, you really need to give it a try. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. It impresses me that Nintendo still has some tricks up their sleeve in how to utilize the touch screen. It makes me wonder if I haven’t written off the Wii a little too early.

JS: The Wii, even though I’ve been pretty down on it, mostly because of the lack of graphical power, did get me playing again in recent months because of SUPER PAPER MARIO and MARIO CHARGERS FOOTBALL. And I’ll say that both those games actually look pretty good, even on my 45-inch HDTV set. EXCITE TRUCK is also fun as hell, but looks like crap, and when I play I can’t stop thinking how beautiful this would be in high-res. I’m really excited about the WiiWare annoucement. I mean, for me, in terms of what I’ve been playing of late, it’s all about XBLA. This week’s release, CARCASSONNE, is great!

BD: Yeah, I was wondering if you had gotten that yet. How is it?

JS: You know I’m a big boardgame freak, and as much as I was excited about CATAN, I haven’t played much because of the length of a game session. CARACASSONNE is more like the typical XBLA experience — you can just sit down and have fun for 10-15 minutes. I’ve been playing lots, and just love that you can get through a game so quickly. I’ve also been enjoying the hell out of PAC-MAN: CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION. I never thought I’d be into playing a Pac-Man game again, but they’ve managed to suck me in. The 5-minute championship mode is just so much fun, mixed in with great graphics, presentation, and music. You need to get this.

BD: I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I have to get some more MS Points. I went to Akiba yesterday and almost picked up OVERLORD. I’ve been very interested in that for a while.

JS: I want that so bad!!! Loved the demo. Last week I was seriously thinking ordering either THE DARKNESS or OVERLORD. But I managed to control myself, and so I’m sticking with XBLA games, and BLUE DRAGON, which I’m still really enjoying. I also really like the new PRINCE OF PERSIA game.

BD: I’m not so sure about THE DARKNESS… It could be good, but for some reason, it looks sort of blah.

JS: I’ve been hearing so many good things about it, and from what I’ve seen — a demo being played on the ON THE SPOT podcast — it’s looking like a neat twist on the FPS genre.

BD: Hey there’s a BLUE DRAGON card game coming out (already out?), according to a poster I saw at Yellow Submarine.

JS: Yes, it’s out, and I’ve been seriously thinking about getting it.

BD: Ha ha ha! I knew it!

JS: A bit afraid of the Japanese, but the way the game presents itself sounds like fun — a mix of a MAGIC: THE GATHERING-like card game and an RPG.

BD: I also almost picked up NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA for my PS3. I played the demo and really enjoyed it.

JS: Did you play the original one on the Xbox?

BD: Yes, and that’s why I didn’t buy it… It’s too damn hard!

JS: That’s definitely something that turns me off. I just don’t have the time and patience to spend hours on tough areas in a game anymore. I’d rather have a fun experience.

BD: Yeah, me too. I like a challenge, but I don’t want to bang my head against a wall.

JS: It’s the only thing scaring me a bit about the recently announced CONTRA 4 for the

DS. At first I was really excited, since CONTRA was a really big game for me at the arcade in the eighties (and the first few console sequels). But the preview on the 1UP SHOW had them saying how tough it is, and I just don’t think I’m into frustration in games anymore.

JS: Well, my wife has finally put the DS down — she actually took a break from Zelda, and was playing GYAKUTEN SAIBAN 4 instead — and I think we’ll go out for lunch now.

BD: Ha, I’m just about to pick my DS up again and get back into Zelda.

JS: Perfect timing then. Game on!